Why would you trust a flimsy light!!??

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To the guys that hunt.  We spend all year setting cameras, watching bucks that have survived the previous years hunt, sighting in our equipment, making sure we have our tree stands in just the right spot, and insuring we are totally scent free. So why we would put in so much time,energy, and money into bagging that "wall hanger" and still count on that cheap 12 dollar sight light.  

Or all of us the shoot competitively, like ASA, IBO, IAA, NFAA, or even your local sports shops spot shooting.  Why would we put all the time into tuning every which direction, finding the exact spot for those stabilizers to sit, double checking the weight of each arrow, and making sure our sights or just perfect to throw it all away with a light that is under suited for the job of lighting up that .010" blue fiber.

I've been there.  that beautiful 10 point decides to finally show himself, with only minutes of light to spare.  You draw back on him, and realize that your eyes cant quite see those .010 pins on your sight like you use to be able to.  So you go to turn on that $12 sight light and guess what, those tiny little batteries that power it are dead!!!  

Now what?  Hope for the best, and send that arrow flying?  Or wait to get another shot some other day? 

This is exactly why i created Illumapin sight lights.  after scouring the internet all i could find were cheap archery sight lights that only worked half the time.  Or very pricey Archery target sight lights that would set me back $150.  So i created something that would provide the same features as $150 sight only in a package that was far more affordable for both hunter or target only.  

Because lets face it we'd all rather put that money into new arrows or a new sight or an upgraded lens than an overpriced light kit.


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